Implementation of АСАА will enable national exporters to label their products with the European conformity mark (CE) and to freely sell them in the EU market, with no additional certification required. ACAA will help exporters to save their time and money to undergo certification. Moreover, it will improve the overall image of products made in Ukraine and facilitate Ukraine’s entry into other global markets.

When ACAA is signed, the “industrial visa-free” access may be promptly introduced in the following three sectors: low-voltage equipment, electromagnetic compatibility, and machinery, which due infrastructure has been prepared by Ukraine’s authorities.

 It will be much easier and faster to add other sectors subsequently. It will open more opportunities for phased exports of products under all 27 technical regulations (Priority ІІ–radio equipment; pressurized equipment; gas appliances; personal protective equipment; measuring instruments; Priority ІІІ– toys; hot-water boilers; medical devices; construction products; Priority ІV – products other than covered under Priorities ІІІІ).

ACAA has a capacity to cover at least 20% of Ukrainian exports to the EU, mostly machinery products.


EU Single Market for Goods: policy updates during 2019 – 2020

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